What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are non-living, non-digestible ingredients that fuel the good probiotic microorganisms living inside us, helping them flourish. The FDA defines a prebiotic as “a non-digestible food ingredient that beneficially affects the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon, and thus improves host health.”

A proliferation of harmful bacteria in the gut can rob your body of the essential nutrients it needs by consuming those nutrients that your body would normally absorb. Symptoms of unbalanced bacterial flora include abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, food sensitivities and more. In many cases, good bacteria have a difficult time displacing the unwanted bacteria and require help; this is where prebiotics come into play.

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Benefits of PreforPro

PreforPro is a prebiotic bacteriophage cocktail that prepares the gut to ensure healthy probiotic bacteria have room to flourish. Because PreforPro is not fiber or starch-based, it requires a significantly smaller dosage than typical prebiotics, and goes to work in hours, not days.


PreforPro is proven to support the growth of a broad spectrum of probiotic species, while crowding out undesirable bacteria.

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The effects of PreforPro are achieved at small doses of only 15mg within hours.

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Because PrefoPro isn’t fiber or starch-based, the prebiotic doesn’t cause digestive discomfort such as bloating and flatulence.

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PreforPro has been shown in a human clinical study to positively impact gut microbiota.

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The Science

More than 20 studies have been performed to confirm the safety and efficacy of PreforPro. In-vitro and in-vivo tests have demonstrated the growth-promoting effect of PreforPro on beneficial bacterial strains of Lactococcus, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Bacillus subtilis when competing with undesirable bacterial strains. In a human clinical study, PreforPro was shown to influence the microbial population of the gut, without disrupting the global microbiota.




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