Understanding Protein Digestion

To be effective, protein must be broken down into a smaller particle size within approximately 90 minutes of consumption. This transit time represents the time from which the whey powder passes from the stomach through the small intestine where digestion/absorption primarily occurs; from there it will be assembled into muscle protein (a bio-usable form).

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Quality You Can Trust

ProHydrolase is Star-K Kosher certified, Non-GMO Project verified and approved by Health Canada with a Natural Product Number and non-novel food status.

Benefits of ProHydrolase

ProHydrolase is a bio-sufficient supplement designed to build muscle mass and accelerate muscle recovery when used as an ingredient in protein supplements or meal replacements.


ProHydrolase takes full advantage of the availability of essential amino acids for building muscle and improving muscle recovery.

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Greatly reduces digestive discomfort caused when protein is not broken down into the smallest composition.

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Maximizes the performance benefit of protein supplements, assisting the body in absorbing more protein rather than excreting it.

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Effective at digesting various forms of protein including whey, soy, egg, casein, hemp and pea.


The Science

Numerous in vitro studies plus two separate human clinical studies have shown the superior ability of ProHydrolase to quickly break down protein, increase available amino acids in the blood, decrease C-reactive protein levels and decrease the large peptides associated with stomach discomfort that results from consuming protein.




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