Understanding Dairy Digestion

Many people who experience digestive discomfort from consuming dairy products assume they are lactose intolerant, but still do not find relief using traditional lactase enzyme supplements. Their discomfort may actually be attributed to an immune response from the protein components of dairy, not intolerance to the lactose. Dairylytic’s innovative combination of both lactase and protease enzymes is designed to break down the lactose associated with intolerance, as well as make milk proteins that could cause an immune response easier to digest and absorb.

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Quality You Can Trust

Dairylytic is Star-K Kosher certified and Non-GMO Project verified.

Benefits of Dairylytic

Just some of the benefits of Dairylytic:



The lactase enzyme in Dairylytic quickly and efficiently digests lactose, reducing symptoms of digestive discomfort associated with dairy intolerance.

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The unique protease enzyme blend in Dairylytic breaks down the proteins found in milk, whey and casein, into small peptides, lessening the chance of an immune response.

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The Science

Numerous in vitro studies performed under physiological conditions have shown the superior ability of Dairylytic to break down both the lactose and proteins present in dairy. Dairylytic breaks down lactose quickly and efficiently over a 90-minute time period under physiological conditions of the body. Gel electrophoresis testing demonstrates Dairylytic’s superior protein digestion.




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