Deerland Announces Family First™ Platform, Kicks Off With Virtual Summit Event

With all its uncertainty and adversity, 2020 has also ushered in a renewed sense of “togetherness” as citizens of the world rediscover the importance of family and the health and wellness of every member of the household.

To support this heightened focus on the family, Deerland is launching the “Family First” platform, a series of content that will help product marketers connect consumers with the science-supported health product solutions they seek.

First up is an industry-wide virtual summit focusing on children’s microbiome and whole-family immune health.

Titled “Family First: Addressing consumer demand for whole-family health solutions starts with the microbiome,” this event will provide a platform for Deerland, Informa Health & Nutrition and leading industry experts to dig into the latest science, insights and research influencing how the supplement industry develops innovative, research-backed solutions for today’s consumers.

When: August 19, Noon to 3 p.m. EDT

  • Keynote: Dr. Robynne Chutkan, “Breakthroughs in whole-body, whole-family health”
  • Eric Pierce, Vice President Business Insights, Informa Health & Nutrition: Probiotic Market Analysis
  • Dr. John Deaton, Vice President Science and Technology, Deerland: “Scientific breakthroughs in probiotics”

Audience polling, breakout discussions and networking opportunities will also help elevate this tremendous virtual opportunity.

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