Deerland Earns Non-GMO Project Verification for Solarplast® Antioxidant Ingredient

Deerland is pleased to announce that it has earned Non-GMO Project verification for Solarplast®, the company’s branded enzyme-powered antioxidant ingredient for healthy aging and beauty from within.

Solarplast is the most recent of Deerland’s portfolio of branded products to earn the verification. “Consumer demand for non-GMO supplements is on the rise, and Deerland is responding in order to provide added value for our customers,” said Sam Michini, vice president of marketing and strategy at Deerland. “We’re pleased to work with the Non-GMO Project, the leading verifier of non-GMO products in the United States.”

Solarplast provides a host of benefits for healthy aging, optimizing the body’s processes through cellular restoration and repair. An innovative and totally unique process breaks down the cell wall of organic spinach – something the body struggles to do– while still preserving the integrity of the plant’s protoplast, the most nutrient dense compartment. “Solarplast provides massive natural concentrations of detoxifying antioxidants that slow the natural process of cell damage that comes from free radicals–and this antioxidant power is exponentially greater due to the presence of enzymes that facilitate the glutathione pathway of antioxidant regeneration,” explains Dr. John Deaton, vice president of science and technology.

Solarplast is an ideal ingredient technology for products geared toward healthy aging and beauty from within. The organic green powder can be delivered through traditional supplement capsules, powder blends such as protein or smoothie mixes, as well as finished food and beverage products.

Attendees of SupplySide West in October are invited to visit the Deerland booth #4524 to learn more about Solarplast and the science behind it. Deerland’s experts will be on hand to discuss product formulation ideas.

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