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Breaking Down “Biotics”

Category: Educational Articles

“Biotics” (which means relating to or resulting from living things) is a term we have come to hear a lot about over the past few decades and has increasingly been…

The Benefits of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Category: Dietary Supplements

Enzymes provide all kinds of health benefits, including digestive function improvement. Natural digestive enzymes work to break down the foods we eat into small, digestible molecules. While enzymes are both produced…

PreforPro: What It Is And How It Works

Category: Dietary Supplements

PreforPro is a next-generation prebiotic that supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut utilizing phage technology. But how exactly does PreforPro work? Learn more below.

What is the Microbiome?

Category: Educational Articles

The ability to understand the microbiome and its impact on the body is continually growing with advances in sequencing methods and initiatives like the Human Microbiome Project. But what exactly…

Genome Sequencing Can Help Identify Undesirable Traits in Probiotic Strains

Category: Dietary Supplements

Genome sequencing is a laboratory process that can be performed with any full copy of DNA. Determining the DNA sequence of an organism can help reveal what each gene making…

Digestible Definitions for Enzymes & Probiotics

Category: Dietary Supplements

As we learn more about more about digestive health, we are empowered to improve our overall health and well-being. It’s a great feeling to take control of our digestive systems…

ATPrime: The Energy Molecule

Category: Dietary Supplements

Most people think “high-energy” foods are high in sugars, caffeine, or certain vitamins, but none of these by themselves is the source of true energy—that role belongs to adenosine triphosphate…

How You Bean?

Category: Dietary Supplements

It’s the little poem we all learned as kids and laughed out loud when we heard it – “beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you…”,…

Formulating with Probiotics: Know Your Strains

Category: Dietary Supplements

Health conscious consumers are developing a greater awareness of probiotics and how their bodies rely on the “good” bacteria that live in the gut to execute essential biological processes– ranging…

The History of Enzyme Supplements

Category: Dietary Supplements

Dr. Jokochi Takamine The use of enzymes for dietary supplements began with a young Japanese immigrant, Jokochi Takamine. Born in Takaoka, present-day Toyama Prefecture, in November 1854, Takamine spent his…

Measuring Enzyme Potency: Activity Units

Category: Dietary Supplements

The potency of enzymes is not measured in the same way as other nutritional supplements. Enzymes are not measured by weight, so the number of milligrams of a product would…

Types of enzyme supplements

Category: Dietary Supplements

Supplemental enzymes fall into one of two categories, digestive or systemic formulations. Systemic enzymes include every health condition besides digestion, but tend to concentrate on inflammation, cardiovascular and immune health.…

Probiotics 101

Category: Educational Articles

The Microbiome It may be hard to imagine, but our bodies are home to more than 100 trillion microorganisms…this means that the bacteria in your body outnumber your body’s cells…

Enzymes 101

Category: Educational Articles

What are Enzymes? All biological reactions within human cells depend on enzymes—they are necessary to sustain life. They are not live organisms; they are actually proteins—long chains of amino acids…

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