Numerous in vitro studies plus two separate human clinical studies have shown the superior ability of Glutalytic to quickly break down gluten proteins, effectively reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity. Glutalytic is also clinically proven to reduce levels of IgA and CRP, supporting a proper immune response.

In vitro Testing: Gel Electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis testing of Glutalytic demonstrates its superior ability to break down gluten quickly and efficiently while traveling through the stomach and upper duodenum.



Gel electrophoresis shows the degradation of gliadin under physiological conditions.

Gliadin, the major immune eliciting protein fraction in gluten, is degraded down from gram to milligram quantities under physiological conditions within 90 minutes, the time it takes to reach the small intestine.

Glutalytic is superior to current gluten aids on the market today that rely primarily on the DPPIV enzyme.

Glutalytic helps break down large unhydrolyzed gluten peptides to amino acids that can be absorbed and used by the body, quicker than a typical gluten supplement formulation containing a majority of DPPIV.



Human Clinical Study

In human clinical studies, Glutalytic has been shown to have an impact on the reduction of symptoms from gluten consumption for subjects consuming three 350mg capsules daily with meals.

In one questionnaire-based study, the frequency and severity of all symptoms were reduced when Glutalytic was administered. The data showed a statistically significant improvement when compared to the placebo group in the following categories: pain, bloating, emptying of bowels, hunger pains, stomach “rumbling,” lower energy levels, headaches, and food cravings.

In another study that added a comprehensive metabolic panel to the questionnaire, there were statistically significant decreases in IgA, an antibody that shows an immune response, and CRP, an indicator of inflammation levels when compared to the placebo group. The Glutalytic group also reported significant declines in several symptoms, including a reduction in cravings and most dramatically, GI reflux.
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