More and more consumers are striving to improve their digestive wellness and overall health and are increasingly looking towards functional foods and drinks to meet those needs. Biotics, specifically postbiotics and spore-forming probiotics, provide a versatile, stable solution for limitless formulation possibilities. Functional biotics and botanical extract ingredients support consumers quest for healthy living and beauty from within.

ADM’s strength in food and beverage formulation and flavor/texture modulation can give your product what it needs to stand out. Learn more about ADM’s Food and Beverage Solutions.


Stable under a range of temperatures, pH changes, and processing conditions, our clinically studied strain of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis safely and effectively adds in-demand digestive and immune functionality to a variety of applications.



Powered by enzymes, Solarplast is a plant-based, highly concentrated antioxidant source that delivers benefits for health aging and beauty from within to food and beverage products.

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