What is Solarplast?

Solarplast is an extract of organic spinach which is enzymatically enhanced by a unique and proprietary manufacturing process. It harnesses the power of the protoplasts found in spinach to provide a rich source of antioxidants and their enzyme partners, all in a naturally occurring lipid protective coating. Solarplast provides a host of benefits for healthy aging, optimizing the body’s processes through cellular restoration and repair.

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Quality You Can Trust

Benefits of Solarplast

An innovative antioxidant for healthy aging and beauty from within.


Enzyme-fueled antioxidant power is exponentially greater thanks to the presence of the complete glutathione pathway of antioxidant regeneration.

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A naturally occurring lipid layer coats and protects the fragile antioxidant molecules and enzymes held by the protoplasts of organic spinach.

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The Science

The isolated protoplasts from spinach contain organelles that work at a cellular level to assist in healthy aging. Solarplast provides the body with energy molecules, molecular chaperones and the complete glutathione antioxidant pathway which recycles antioxidants resulting in exponential activity. Each of these components plays a role in healthy aging by repairing the damage done to our bodies through our everyday modern lives.




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